Saturday, December 20, 2014

For the love of the camera

So a few days ago I received a wonderful gift in the mail from my dad!  It was a camera with two different lenses and something I have wanted for such a long time!  I was over joyed and the kids have been at my mercy ever since!

This is the essence of Laila, she is made up of pure sweetness and goodness.  She is my companion in all things GIRL.  She cares about cooking, and decorating for parties, and loving on Roo and watching out for Jai.  She is my love.  She likes her space and only gives hugs and kisses to those she completely trusts.  You are pretty lucky if you get one.  

My Jai Jai, he is one who snuggles in for a book or movie.  I can always count on him to make us laugh or come up with some amazing lego contraption.  He is also stubborn as a mule and is my wildcard.  I never know what he will do from one minute to another.   

Laila and her Saahib. Saahib is 8 now and starting to slow down.  He was my first baby and is still my loyal and constant companion.

Oh Roo Roo!  You are such a joy!  Walking, and sometimes talking.  So curious and adventurous.  Jumping off couches head first, and constantly eating!

Best Dad EVER!

Hanna watches L, J, and R three days a week.  She is a perfect match for our family.  Kind, thoughtful and so creative with the kids.  We would be lost without her! For Christmas she made the kids dinosaur and unicorn hoodies.  They are amazing!

So thank you Dad for the camera, I will put it to good use!!


Friday, December 19, 2014


Since my most completely outdated post we have welcomed Rohan Opie Suri to the family!  He is a much loved and appreciated addition.  As just another example of how fast time flies, Roo, as we lovingly call him turned one last week.

2014 Family Pic

Man and Me

My babies.  Don't know what I would do without them.  
They bring humor and humility to my everyday.

Merry Christmas and Love,

Monday, May 6, 2013

More Dubai Pics

 We loved the Dubai beach...sand, sun and lots and lots of people watching! 

Bharat Chachu surprises us!  Dadima and Dadigi were speechless!

Happy St. Patrick's day even in Dubai

This is true love!

We hit up the Irish Village the day after St. Patty's day, it was the best fish and chips I have ever had! 

A few days before we left we hit up the Dubai Atlantis.  It was awesome, and their frozen yogurt was what memories are made of!

One of my favorite places was the Global Village.  It was a huge outdoor market and each country sold items that you would typically find in their country.  Egypt had the most amazing cotton pajamas and Palestine had AMAZING babagnoush.  Each market was a surprise.  Here are a few pics of the Indian spice market.

This is frankincense, isn't it beautiful!

My Uncle Peter and his wife are living in Abu Dabi which is about an hour from Dubai.  We got the chance to spend the day with them before we left.  It was so nice to catch up and spend sometime by the beach.  Unfortunately one day was just not enough!

And last but not least, Laila in her undies testing the water!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Cousins

Manik's cousin, Rishi, and his family just happen to visiting Dubai the same time as us.  Rishi and his wife have a four year old named Ava and of course little Sam.  They are from London so listening to their accents was so much fun.  It was wonderful seeing Ava and Laila meet, it turns out they have very similar personalities   Both are particular, don't like being cuddled, loud is their middle name and of course both beautiful  smart, well spoken, thoughtful and so sweet!  Since they are twins at heart we had to dress them the same at least once!

Meet Sam, the sweetest baby around! He is most happy when eating, and let's just say he eats alot!

Jen, Sam, Laila and Jai all loving the pool!

Ava was not happy about getting out of the water, she is a true fish!

Rishi, Laila, Dadima, Dadagi, and Jai

Jumariah Beach Hotel, otherwise known as heaven!

It sits right next to the Burj, not a bad location!

Ahh, the pool, how I love thee!

Prepared to be terrified of Jai's fire breathing dragon! We headed to the Henna tattoo hut after we were finished with the pool.

Are you scared yet??!!

Laila went the love has wings route :)  that's my girl!

Rishi, Jen, Ava and Sam we love you and are so glad we got to hang out and let the cousins play!  Thank you for letting us crash your pool!  Love you!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Big mistake and boatin'

So the plan for today was for Dadagi and I to take the kids to the toy store to pick out some nice scooters that they around the around the building and park.  They were so excited and we were excited for them, our first mistake was not telling them what were coming to pick out, I did not give them the speech about not asking everything they see and begging incessantly.  So we walk in and Laila sees a 4 foot tall Barbie and is in love. Long story short we did not leave with scooters or a 4 ft tall Barbie. Laila was heartbroken and threw a massive fit outside the store.  Dadagi and I just shook out heads at what a massive fail the whole outing was!

Later today we took a little boat to the Old Souk, the character and trinkets are beautiful but overwhelming at the same time.  They take aggressive sales to a whole new level.  Laila and Jai loved the ride and all that there was to see.

The Old Souk is located on the Dubai Creek, a known destination for all .  These are smuggler boats that take goods to Iran, India, Somalia, Pakistan and other neighboring countries.  They look like they have been around for hundreds of years.


Tomorrow we are off to the beach!!


Friday, March 1, 2013

We made it!

The kids and I survived an eight hour flight, a six hour layover in Frankfurt and lastly a six hour fight to complete our trip to Dubai. Dadima and Dadagi were so excited to see us!

Yesterday we did a lot of napping and just hanging out.  This Morning we woke up around 3am due to jet lag and watched a movie, played, worked out and took the kids on a walk. All before 8am. A very productive morning so far!

Manik'S cousin and his family happen to be visiting Dubai the same time as us so their kids will get to meet their second cousins for the first time. Ava is is four and Sam who is a little less than a year,  I am so happy for Laila and Jai to have playmates, even better that they are family!

Cheers from Dubai!